Grant and Dan's knowledge and experience comes from working with Horses on a daily basis. They don't only teach or perform public demonstrations, but also work daily with young and/or problem horses.

As each Horse is an individual this gives Grant and Dan a vast array of experience to pass on to the students.

The courses are designed to cover every level of experience and cater for everybody from the single horse owner looking for day to day ideas to build a better understanding and relationship with their horses to individuals looking towards working with these methods and all those in between.

The courses are taught in a fun and relaxed manner. Remember we have horses for pleasure. Grant and Dan's intention through education is to make every moment spent with our horses exactly that.

Practical Horsemanship courses  not only provide excellent theory and classroom based tuition but also to give each student extensive hands on practical experience with a wide variety of horses.

To bring out the best in each student they  strongly encourages a team atmosphere amongst their students as team work is so important when training horses. The courses are not only a place of study but are also social events to bring together likeminded people and ideas.

for current course details please contact Grant and Dan.